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Rabbits, Math & Nature Scarf - Weave a scarf with the Fibonacci sequence.

Fibonacci, a mathematician in the 1200s, developed a sequence of numbers that not only looks great as stripes, but answers the age-old question, “if you start with just two rabbits . . . “ This is the same sequence found in nature – seeds, flower petals, leaves and branches. Nature is always an inspiration.

Completion of Intro to Weaving at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company or equivalent is recommended.
You should be able to independently warp a rigid heddle loom.

Required Materials and Equipment: Loom with 12" width, 12-dent reed, 2 shuttles. Yarn is La Jolla Baah in two colors, 400 yards each.

Yarn for the class must be purchased at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company before the first day of class.
Yarn in skeins must be wound before first day of class.

Materials and Equipment: Loom 15" weaving width minimum, 12-dent reed, 1 shuttle. Yarn is La Jolla Baah in 2 contrasting colors, 1 skein each, 800 yards total.

Please Note: If necessary, class and workshop fees can be transferred to another class or credited to your account up to two weeks before the start of the class.
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Warp and weave using more than one color in the warp and weft.
Materials Included:
Class handout will be provided.
Please bring these additional supplies to all weaving classes: ** brown paper to fit the width of back beam ** waste yarn ** cardboard roll to fit front beam ** scissors ** tapestry needle ** pencil, paper for note-taking
Instructor Name:
Carla Hubbart
Instructor Bio:
Carla has been sewing, knitting, and weaving along with other fiber arts for over 50 years and is fascinated by all aspects of each. She has been teaching rigid heddle weaving at Alamitos Bay Yarn Company for the last nine years and she's still having fun.

Rabbits, Math & Nature Scarf - Weave a scarf with the Fibonacci sequence.

$ 75.00