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SDC111: Mindful Knitting KAL/CAL (knit/crochet along)

KAL/CAL: Knit-a-long/Crochet-a-long, we will be knitting and crocheting together on simple projects. You can choose one of our suggestions or choose your own, just be sure it is a gentle pattern that does not need much concentration so you can relax into your Mindful stitching.
Mindful Meditation is a popular and simple meditation technique that focuses on your breath. 
We have all experienced the joy of knitting/crochet and may have found it very relaxing. Mindful stitching will take it a step further adding the benefits of meditation. You will learn the basic mindfulness technique, be instructed on how to take your meditation home, using your knitting as a meditation tool, and enjoy a peaceful present moment. 
Mindfulness is a non-denominational practice and is not connected with any formal religion.
This is a 3 part class, a total of 6 hours, please plan on attending all three dates for best results.
Yarn: Worsted, DK, Sport or Sock. You choose a yarn that brings you joy. Please choose a softer yarn, something that will feel good against your skin. Pick a favorite color to make your eyes happy as you knit. 
Yardage: 325 - 350 - 425 - 475 (this is just a suggestion, you can make your shawl smaller or larger) Or the yarn for your chosen project, this is open to any simple project. Suggestions, shawl, cowl, scarf, socks or any other small and easy project.
Needle size: 7 or appropriate for your chosen project.
Pattern: pattern can be given in class, or you can feel free to choose another.
Model:  Ecopuno Tweed, 2 balls. You would choose a yarn to coordinate with your chosen project.
If you choose the model as your project a pattern will be given in class.
Prerequisites: You must be able to do these without assistance
Cast on
Bind off
Knit and any other technique you may need to use for your chosen project.

Homework: Be sure your to have your supplies and your Alamitos Bay Yarn Company yarn wound, if necessary, before the day of class.

Note: Class and workshop fees can be credited to your account or transferable up to two weeks before the start of the class. We cannot credit accounts or transfer after that.

Class size is limited.

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Beginner level pattern with little concentration for model, you may choose any simple project that brings you joy. Suggestions would be: cowl, scarf, socks, shawl or simple sweater.
Materials Included:
Pattern given at class or you may choose your own
Must be able to cast on, bind off, knit, and follow a pattern without assistance and whichever techniques are needed for you chosen project.
Instructor Name:
Sandra D
Instructor Bio:
Sandra has been teaching Fiber Arts for over 20 years. She is a Certified Mindful Meditation Instructor and Therapeutic Fiber Arts Instructor with emphasis in Special Education. She uses a student driven approach allowing each person to learn at their own pace.

SDC111: Mindful Knitting KAL/CAL (knit/crochet along)

$ 45.00
Price does not include class supplies. Supplies must be purchased from the shop prior to the first day of class.